Senior MySQL DBA

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XCaliber is looking for a Senior MySQL DBA

+ 15 nationalities Offices in Malta, Poland and Portugal +80 staff

XCaliber is a tight-knit Technology team with offices in Malta, Poland and Portugal. We collaborate to produce some of the most innovative technology in the iGaming industry.

You will get to work with the most cutting-edge technology and forward thinking colleagues. The environment is not without its demands, but it adds to a dynamic team of individuals.

$ ssh [email protected]

[email protected]'s password:

[email protected] ~ $ man dba



dba –


dba [OPTION]... [FILE]...


dba takes care of managing and maintaining our ever growing MySQL database architecture. Must be supplied with coffee and chocolate in order to function properly and must possess a flair for innovation and cutting edge technologies.

dba is the central source of database knowledge within the company, understanding the rules of relational database technology, data modeling concepts and database design. dba possesses in-depth SQL knowledge understands and reviews SQL and host language programs in order to recommend changes for optimization. dba provides proactively monitoring of the database environment and implements changes to data structures, SQL, application logic and the MySQL subsystem itself in order to optimize performance. Last but not least dba ensures data availability using non-disruptive administration tactics.

With no flags, dba reads its standard input up to an EOF, proactively monitors the database systems to ensure secure services with minimum downtime. When invoked with the -w option, dba reads standard input and responds according to terms of job description.


-O --operations

causes the dba to switch to operations mode. In this mode the dba will manage and maintain numerous high volume database clusters through multiple product lifecycle environments, from development to mission-critical production systems.

-D --design

causes the dba to switch to design mode. In this mode the dba will collaborate with developers to support database design for new features in existing and new products.

-b --backup

causes the dba to switch to backup mode. In this mode the dba will manage all database backups, including full, incremental and delayed backups to local and offsite locations together with the management of database restoration procedures and failover mechanisms.

-O --optimiasation

causes the dba to switch to optimisation mode. In this mode the dba will troubleshoot and optimize queries or schema refinement for any bottlenecks impacting database performance.

-m --monitoring

causes the dba to switch to monitoring mode. In this mode the dba will monitor the entire MySQL stack and develop methods for monitoring database capacity and usage

-H --hardcore

causes the dba to switch to hardcore mode. In this mode the dba will function in all the above modes at the same time. Due to high brain activity it is advised to use this option with caution.

-b --beer

causes the dba to switch to beer mode. This is an automatically scheduled mode triggered every Friday at 6pm. In this mode the dba might try to impress the office with a wide SELECTtion of jokes.


The -b option should not be used with a version of dba which is not capable of parsing free flowing beer in a large sunny penthouse terrace.

JOB PURPOSE: Responsible for all aspects of the design, operational management and maintenance of the database infrastructure including, but not limited to: design, installation, security administration, analysis, proactive monitoring, support, troubleshooting, recoverability, and failover. Working very closely with the CTO, the DevOps and Development teams, the Senior MySQL DBA will be responsible for facilitating the latest technologies, ensuring aligned execution of database related activities whilst maintaining the online gaming infrastructure up to the highest standards and availability.



There are a lot of plus points to working at XCaliber including:

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